Sunrise Handyman Services’s precise and detailed budget control and professional management of your project ensures that you won’t have any budgetary or scheduling surprises. We sacrifice nothing and use every resource under our control in our pursuit to construct the business of every client’s requirements.

At Sunrise Handyman Services, we provide three tightly integrated services that come together to dramatically reduce costs and save time:

Project Planning

We help you anticipate hidden costs and delays. Critical land use and permitting issues that could severely impact the project are identified and mitigated. Preliminary plans are scrutinized for opportunities to reduce construction costs. Final plans are reviewed for conformance, and a complete schedule of necessary permits is created.

Permit Management

We focus on accelerating the project, sometimes by months. Complex land use applications, such as Master Use Permits, platting actions, environmentally critical area permits, and street improvements are carefully coordinated and managed. All permit applications are submitted to the appropriate agencies, and Sunrise Handyman Services works directly with government officials to expedite approvals.

Construction Purchasing

We can drive down material and labor costs by getting vendors to compete. Sunrise Handyman Services qualifies suppliers and subcontractors, and ensures they have everything they need to submit accurate, fixed-price bids. Project plans are reviewed and marked up as necessary. Scopes of Work and specifications are defined. Sunrise Handyman Services then manages bid solicitation, evaluation and contract administration.

Building Stores

Sunrise Handyman Services’s services will increase your profits and speed up your projects – giving you the same advantages as larger builders. And while we work to save you money, you’ll be able to focus your energies on what you do best!

With many years combined experience in storebuilding and business management, the expert team at Sunrise Handyman Services will help you drive down construction costs and shorten the entire project.

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