Why should we hire you for our Remodeling Project?
Sunrise Handyman Services has a great track record, and has completed many great projects. We have great people with a good attitudes. We work closely with our sub-contractors to get their very best work. We have an extensive knowledge of the products and systems that we work with. If we don’t know a system, we research it.

Have you ever been sued for defective work?
We have a “Zero” claim track record since our inception in 2010. That means no insurance claims, and no lawsuits. We did not achieve this by accident.

Do you carry out repairs with your own employees?
We have many long-term employees who are cross-trained to many of the tasks required for remediation. Carpentry and framing repair is almost always carried out by our regular employees. We often perform the most difficult transitions with our regular employees. Interior restorations are generally performed in-house.

Do you use sub-contractors?
Yes, we use subcontractors. Subcontractors with specialized crews can be very productive and deliver great quality work. In most cases we have full time personnel assigned to insure the quality of the subcontractors work. We host project specific training sessions, and track the sub-contractors personnel and training. Some specialty trade work such as stucco, electrical and plumbing are always subcontracted.

Do you guarantee repair work?
It is easy to guarantee our work. It is difficult to guarantee a repair to someone else’s work. If we repair a leaking window on the third floor of a six story building we cannot guaranty that water will not enter from upper levels. It is easy to guarantee a wall that we address in entirety – from corner to corner, top to bottom. We make it a point to identify the potential for other problems should we be doing a limited repair. We have turned down projects in the past when we were uncomfortable with risk of water entry from adjacent areas.

Do you have references?
We will gladly provide a contact information list of all major projects that we have performed. Please feel free to contact us. Meanwhile, visit our testimonials page.

Do you have projects that we can visit?
We have ongoing and completed projects. You are welcome to make an appointment to visit ongoing work. We will have a hard hat for you. We can arrange for you to visit completed projects. Our photo gallery page should also provide some background.

How do you handle communications with tenants at multi-family projects?
Contract communications are generally limited to the owner’s representatives such as property managers, consultants or the Board of Directors. It is not unusual for a curious unit owner or tenant to ask contractor personnel questions that should be directed to the owner’s representative. Our folks are trained to politely defer such questions to the appropriate parties.

How do you schedule access with tenants at multi-family projects?
We have developed good notification procedures for posting notices and contacting folks to schedule work at individual units. On smaller projects this is handled directly by the superintendent. Larger, more complex projects are better served by an assistant to the superintendent whose primary function to act as a liaison to homeowners and tenants. This liaison will, upon request, post project status online for easy access.

Do you produce construction schedules?
A giant chart schedule is produced for each project mapping out the duration of the project. Generally the superintendent maintains a short-term schedule covering the work activities planned over the next few weeks in greater detail.

Do you require down payments?
The majority of our contracts are structured such that we bill monthly for the work completed that month. Those invoices generally have a 5 or 10 percent retention, or hold back, which the owner holds onto until the end of the project. We strongly recommend against paying any money to a contractor in advance, ever!

Do you read the directions or installation instructions?
Yes! And we make sure that our sub-contractors read them as well.