Siding & Gutters

If you need to replace siding, it’s a good possibility new siding may not match your existing siding. Many manufacturers change or discontinue siding products over time; and both aluminum and vinyl siding tends to fade from weather exposure. If you have damage to your aluminum siding and need only one piece of siding replaced, you may be eligible for full replacement of your existing siding through your insurance company. Contact Sunrise Handyman Services and let us evaluate your situation.

Unfortunately, gutter systems take more abuse from extreme weather conditions, particularly ice and snow, than any other component of the building envelope. They are also subject to damage from ladders and being stepped on, as well as from falling tree limbs and debris. In heavy snow areas, snow guards should be used to prevent gutter tear-off. Vertical leaders (downspouts) are used to capture and distribute rain water to storm drainage systems, or by means splash blocks, to areas away from the building’s foundation walls to prevent the build up of water in the soil and possible resulting structural or basement moisture problems.

Without gutters on your home, rainwater running off your roof would continue to settle alongside your home’s foundation allowing water to seep in causing deterioration and compromising the soundness of your block foundation. Unchecked rainwater runoff will also ruin paint, stain your siding and can often ruin patios and walkways especially if you live in an area subject to ice, snow and freezing temperatures. All gutter systems are custom made at your home to the specific length required for each section. Gutters are available in a huge variety of colors to beautify your home.

Problems in the attic can quickly lead to problems on the roof if air is not allowed to circulate and exhaust properly, so let us install ridge vents for you. With a very small investment, you can help your roof “breathe easy” with ridge vents available through Sunrise Handyman Services.